Arcadia, as both a starting point and a final destination, provides a broad perspective for the episodes that comprise the production. Twelve dancers attempt to invoke collective images inspired by the idyllic land of Arcadia in the audience’s memory. But the world of eternal innocence, of happiness and freedom has been lost forever. Arcadia is a requiem for nature, for the utopian dream of Arcadia is in retreat, forced back by the frenzied destruction of the natural environment and the acceptance of our mortality.

Concept, Choreography & Set Design Konstantinos Rigos | Dramaturgy Xenia Aidonopoulou | Sound Design Dimosthenis Grivas | Preparation of Music Ensemble Dimitris Kountouras | Associate Set Designer Mary Tsagari | Costume Design George Segredakis | Lighting Design Sakis Birbilis | Assistant Director Aggelos Panagopoulos | Project Coordinator Elena Skoula | Assistant Choreographer Markela Manoliadi | Performers Aggeliki Gouvi, Tasos Karachalios, Tasos Karachanidis, Candy Karra, Elena Kekkou, Giorgos Kotsifakis, Tadeu Liesenfeld, Androniki Marathaki, Aris Papadopoulos, Vlasis Pasioudis, Nancy Stamatopoulou, Alexis Fousekis | Ex Silentio Musicians Fani Antonellou, Olivier Briand, Andreas Linos, Electra Miliadou, Iason Marmaras

Photography Konstantinos Rigos

Production Athens & Epidaurus Festival