Dance No 2°


Dance No 2° takes you on a timeless journey. Earthy, Minimalist, and Powerful. It redefines our connection to Earth, a dance which brings you home.

Rediscover how human existence is influenced by the water, land, and elements we live with, Dance No 2° is set in an infinite landscape of waves and rolling hills, hypnotic oceans and vivid deserts.

Lead by its cinematic soundtrack, a minimal setting, and danced with raw and sustainable fashion, the piece examines how the land we live on and the planet we inhabit shapes us. Our body becomes a planet, and the planet our home.

Concept & Choreography Sivan Rubinstein | Music Composition Liran Donin | Lighting and Set Design Edward Saunders | Dramaturgy Xenia Aidonopoulou | Costume Design Olubiyi Thomas | Sound Design, Recording & Mix Gal Cohen | Film Direction Bar Alon | Cinematography & Editing Dror Shohet | Cinematography Shai Skiff | Creative Producer Lia Prentaki | Academic Partner Dr Sarah Fine | Mentor Theresa Beattie | Access Support Worker Lauryn Pinard | Line Producer for The Place Emilie Labourey | Production Manager for The Place Marco Cifre | Performers Jordan Ajadi, Nathan Goodman, Harriet Parker-Beldeau, Lydia Walker | Community Performer & Voice Over  Aturah Kedeeshah Baht Israel

Photography Jurga Ramonaite

Commissioned by The Place in partnership with King’s College London | With further commissioning support from South East Dance, Corali and Oh Creative Space | Supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund and using public funding by Arts Council England | With many thanks to the Hebrew Israelite Community of Dimonah, The Zvulon Dance Studio led by Tsiferah Baht Israel