Elena Topalidou and Panayiotis Kontonis, two exceptional performers of Oktana Dancetheatre, cross their paths with Hip Hop dancer Yorgos Kostopoulos, to set up an idiosyncratic dialogue between the two dance genres. 

The performers move in a suffocating environment packed with everyday objects, a no man’s land where anything is possible. An astronaut crosses the stage drying his hair, a traveller carries his massive suitcase and reveals its odd contents. Fictional creatures appear onstage to participate in extreme situations, exposing the darkness that lies within us.

Concept, Choreography & Set Design Konstantinos Rigos | Music Composition Dimosthenis Grivas | Video Vasilis Kehayias | Dramaturgy Xenia Aidonopoulou | Costume Design Natassa Dimitriou | Lighting Design Sakis Birbilis | Assistant Director Elena Skoula | Production Manager Manolis Sardis-PRO4 | Assistant Production Manager Afroditi Christodoulou | Performers Panayiotis Kondonis, Elena Topalidou, Konstantinos Rigos, Elena Skoula, Dimisthenis Grivas, Yorgos Kostopoulos

Photography Tassos Vrettos, Konstantinos Rigos 

Production Oktana Dancetheatre, Athens International Dance Festival