No Land B



A dance performance exploring the concept of climate change.

Two dancers interact with natural materials and explore our relationship to nature and to each other with a deep awareness. They take us on a hopeful migration to a survivable planet.

No Land B invites the audience to experience a connection to the earth and its life-giving power through staged imagery and the dancer’s bodies. Performed to a striking soundscape by Liran Donin, each scene conjured creates a meditative and distinct atmosphere.

A poetic piece, No Land B visualises a hopeful future through the human body and the symbolic phenomenon of a Fata Morgana – a mirage of a sail-boat seen even on dry land. An illusion, a dream, a hope, a possibility of finding ways to exist.

A work by Sivan Rubinstein | Composer Liran Donin | Lighting Designer & Production Manager Edward Saunders | Artistic Collaborator Caroline Mackenzie | Fashion Designer WONDEROUND | Dramaturg Xenia Aidonopoulou | Creative Consultant Theresa Beattie | Creative Producer Lia Prentaki | Performers Lydia Walker and Shanley Jorge-Elde

Photography Dave Keightley | Bar Alon

Co-produced with The Place | Commissioned by The Place in partnership with King’s College London | Research support by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space | Supported using public funding by Arts Council England | With in kind support from Carn to Cove and Beaford