The Nutcracker

2010 & 2014 Black Version 

How many Christmas Eves have passed? When was the end of her adolescence? What happened to her teenage love? What was the secret of happiness? She has forgotten. Or rather, almost forgotten. Fragments of memory emerge from the depths of her mind. Clara Stahlbaum, now an adult, follows her lonely journey in between reality and dream. She will experience unique adventures. She will face her fears and desires. She will meet her wooden Nutcracker, but their love-story will not be repeated. He will remain wooden. She will be lost in an eternal pursuit of a distant utopia.

Choreography Konstantinos Rigos | Dramaturgy Xenia Aidonopoulou | Costume Design Natassa Dimitriou | Assistant Choreographer Markela Manoliadi | Performers Tasos Karachalios, Myrto Kontoni, Giannis Nikolaidis, Diogenis Skaltsas, Christos Strinopoulos | Performers/Black Version Ioanna Antonarou, Tasos Karachanidis, Tasos Karachalios, Aris Papadopoulos, Christos Strinopoulos

Photography Konstantinos Rigos

Production Oktana Dancetheatre, People Entertainment