Underwater R&D


Underwater is a new devised piece of Dance Theatre for babies and toddlers aged 0-24 months. Its action is placed …underwater, in a multi-sensory, poetic landscape to an original music score reminiscent of a womblike deep, bubbly, magical ocean. An unexpected encounter between a dream-dancing Ballerina and an Octopus submerges us into the depths of their heart-warming journey towards friendship and companionship. The characters meet, shy and cautious, they dance, they flow and swim, testing the water.

The development of the dreamlike narrative allows the families to be submerging into a world full of gentle visual and multi sensory stimulation that is based on two fundamental elements: contradiction and surprise. As the story unfolds, we follow the characters’journey in between competing forces: hiding and revealing, light and darkness, quick and slow, sound and silence.

Dance, music, puppet manipulation and the imaginative use of light are the main components of Underwater, aiming to an experience full of sounds and sensations.

Concept & Direction Xenia Aidonopoulou & Georgia Tegou | Music Composition Jeph Vanger | Set & Costume Design Mayou Trikerioti | Creative Producer Lia Prentaki | Performer Artemis Stamouli | Film Direction & Production Enya Belak | Camera Operator Philip Reinking

Photography Nikolas Louka

In partnership with Watford Palace Theatre, Little Angel Theatre and Poplar Union | Supported using public funding by Arts Council of England