Waiting Rooms


Waiting rooms. Airports, train stations, bus stops, ports, hospital hallways, public services, crossroads. People waiting. People waiting for someone. People waiting for something to happen. Having a coffee. Standing in a queue. Smoking a cigarette. Checking their watch. Again. And again. Patience. Stillness. Anticipation. Hope. Tension. Stress disorder. Rage. Anger. Desperation.

Time passing. Until the moment of encounter. Until the departure. Until the verdict is announced. Until the truth is revealed. Time wasted. Or time earned. Time that only flows forward and (then) evaporates. And we remain indifferent. Indifferent? No. Not indifferent. Everything is happening within us. Behind our eyes – fixed on a dot on the wall- images mingle, sounds intertwine, thoughts gallop away.

Sometimes I dream I am not the one who is waiting. Sometimes, as I am waiting, I dream I am the one who departs from / comes to / arrives at / heads to / leaves for /

I am waiting.


Inside me

I am running.


Concept & Dramaturgy Xenia Aidonopoulou & Olga Chatziiakovou | Direction Xenia Aidonopoulou | Set & Costume Design Olga Chatziiakovou | Sound Design Μartin Ekman & Giannis Peiralis | Video VJI | Performers Marina Chatziioanou, Marita Tsalkitzoglou, Vasilis Liakos, Christos Stylianou, Christos Papadimitriou, Thanos Feretzelis, Elli Merkouri                

Production Manifactura Theatre Group, Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation